The Last Assassin: Part 12

Previously We speed after the Humvee, Nova’s mobile prison. Metze to the back and right, wind ripping at our vests, my finger tapping on the trigger guard of the rifle. I’m scared for her. They’ve taken her alive, which is a good sign. And they’ve taken her alive. Which is a bad sign. The fear … Continue reading The Last Assassin: Part 12

Hyperion 2: Part 10

Previously We have become fractured groups and I do not like it. Odin returned from a call to tell us that Aphrodite had been attacked, Menoetius killed, Hera spirited away only to be recaptured by Hades and the others. Hades and his group had run off to carry on a fight with some borrowed half-mortal … Continue reading Hyperion 2: Part 10